Calling WinUI from Blazor App Hosted in WebView2

In the previous blog post you learned how you can use JavaScript Interop to call from your WinUI application into your Blazor application that you host in the WinUI app in a WebView2. So, this was just the direction WinUI to Blazor.

But can you also call from the hosted Blazor app into your WinUI app?


Hosting a Blazor App in WinUI 3 with WebView2 and call a Blazor Component Method from WinUI

WinUI 3.0 is Microsoft’s upcoming UI framework to build modern, native Windows applications.

WinUI is developed open source on

Last week WinUI 3.0 alpha 2 came out, and Microsoft introduced a WebView2 control that is based on Microsoft Edge Chromium. That means you can run all the modern, awesome web stuff in that WebView2 control if you want.


Building a Classic Tabbed and Databound Desktop Application with UWP and MVVM

What kind of business applications do you build? Do they have a tabbed user interface? Most of mine do so.

After spiking (=prototyping) the Visual Studio Shell I wanted to go deeper into building a tabbed user interface with UWP, of course databound with MVVM.

As you might know, UWP does not contain a TabControl. But it contains a Pivot-Control that has pretty much of the functionality needed for a classic tabbed UI. So, let’s go with the Pivot and let’s see how far we can get. (more…)


Lessons learned from Building a Visual Studio Shell with UWP

Note: There’s a MS Dev Show Episode where @ytechie, @carlschweitzer and I are talking about UWP and the Visual Studio Shell built as part of this post. You find it here on

UWP is the technology to build native applications for the Windows Platform. But there’s still some stuff missing that is required by a typical line-of-business application for the classic desktop: TreeView, DataGrid, Validation, SqlClient and more. Some parts like a DataGrid are available as 3rd-party controls. Other parts like the TreeView are already in development, as you can see in the Windows Dev Platform Backlog. That backlog shows that Microsoft is working on a TreeView, which is awesome! And I’m pretty sure, at some point in the future we’ll also get a DataGrid. This was the case for WPF and also for Silverlight. But let’s see, the future will tell us and for today we’ve great 3rd-party DataGrids.

But what else is required to build a classic desktop application? (more…)