Hi, I’m Thomas

I’m a software developer and Microsoft MVP for Windows Development. I live in Germany’s Black Forest with my wife and our three daughters. In my spare time I like playing football and guitar and riding into the sunset with my motorcycle.

I’m passionate about technology, so in my profession and also in my spare-time I like programming great solutions, like for example this Home-Security-System based on Microsoft-technologies.

Interested in and fascinated by user interfaces, I soon started elaborating an expertise in UI programming with XAML and so in WPF, Windows Phone and WinRT. I’ve authored several special interest books in my areas, including a handbook for Windows Presentation Foundation and an extensive handbook on the development of Windows Store Apps. I’ve also authored popular video-courses for Pluralsight and several articles for the German Windows Developer magazine.
Since 2006 I work for a consulting company in Switzerland called Trivadis. I work as a trainer, consultant and developer in the fields of C#, .NET, XAML, UWP, TypeScript, Angular & Azure.