I’ve authored some video-courses for pluralsightlogo and Entwickler Tutorials

Title: .NET Standard: Getting Started
Duration: 2h 44m
Released: 14 May 2018

Title: Azure Event Hubs for .NET Developers: Fundamentals
Duration: 4h 57m
Released: 22 February 2018

Title: Building an Enterprise App with WPF, MVVM, and Entity Framework Code First
Duration: 9h 01m
Released: 21 August 2017

Title: TypeScript, eine Einführung (German)
Duration: 5h 18m
Released: 2 May 2017

Title: Compiled Data Binding Fundamentals in UWP Using XAML
Duration: 2h 49m
Released: 20 August 2016

Title: WPF and MVVM: Test Driven Development of ViewModels
Duration: 5h 22m
Released: 12 April 2016

Title: WPF and MVVM: Advanced Model Treatment
Duration: 6h 54m
Released: 29 September 2015

Title: XAML Layout in Depth
Duration: 4h 44m
Released: 15 January 2015

Title: Windows Store Apps – Data Binding in Depth
Duration: 4h 33m
Released: 23 July 2014

On my Pluralsight-profile you also find an overview of the courses I’ve authored: