Using Tuples in C# to Initialize Properties in the Constructor and to Deconstruct Your Object

Recently I was asked by a developer what this code block here actually is:

public Friend(string firstName, string middleName, string lastName)
  => (FirstName, MiddleName, LastName) = (firstName, middleName, lastName);

This is actually a constructor that uses an expression body and tuples.


C# 9.0: Covariant Return Types – Specify More Specific Return Types in Overridden Methods and Properties

In the previous blog posts you learned about different C# 9.0 features:

In this blog post, let's look at another very interesting feature of C# 9.0, the covariant return types.


What is Actually the Universal Windows Platform and what is WinUI, MSIX, and Project Reunion / Windows App SDK?

This morning I got a wonderful message from a very smart and great person who watched my latest Pluralsight course, Fundamentals of Building .NET Desktop Applications. The course explains the .NET UI frameworks Windows Forms, WPF, UWP, WinUI (including Uno platform), and .NET MAUI in an overview and shows how to build your first .NET Desktop Apps for Windows with WinUI, WPF, and Windows Forms. The structure of the course is like this:

  • Knowing the UI frameworks for .NET Desktop Apps
  • Creating Your First WinUI App
  • Building Your First WPF App
  • Writing Your First Windows Forms App