Using Git in Visual Studio has never been easier than in Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019 has many fantastic new features. Some of these features like the new start window make the use of Git in Visual Studio 2019 way easier than in the previous versions. Do you want to learn how to use Git in Visual Studio 2019?

Check out my new Pluralsight course

In my new Pluralsight course Using Git for Source Control in Visual Studio 2019, you will learn how to use Git in Visual Studio 2019 while working on a .NET application in the context of a small team.


You Don’t Have to Start as a Kid to Become a Professional Software Developer

Quite often professional software developers

( professional = those earning their living with a job where they write code)

say that they started at the age of 12 or earlier with programming. That’s great for them.

But what if you didn’t have the chance to start at that age? Can you still become a professional software developer?


Thanks Dad!

You might have noticed that it was very quiet on this blog during the last months, nearly for a whole year.

Last year my dad was fighting lung cancer. It was an intense time, my parents live a 1 hour car ride away from me. So, beside family and work there was not much time left for blogging.

But I’m thankful that I got the chance to say Goodbye. (more…)


Playground: UWP’s new TreeView, Data Binding and HierarchicalDataTemplates

In the latest Windows 10 SDK preview build (17110, get it here) there’s a TreeView control available. You can read how to use it in the really great docs :

Unfortunately the TreeView does not support Data Binding yet. And as you might know, UWP has also (more…)