Hey Thomas, what’s coming up next?

I’ll give you just a short information of what is coming up next and what I did the last months. Let’s start with the things coming up…

… what’s coming up next:

  • WebTech-Conference – 16th November, Karlsruhe/Germany Another talk about datadriven Silverlight-Applications. Meet me at this conference for discussions about WPF, Silverlight, .NET in general, my books and other topics. Find more about the WebTech-conference on webtech
  • Update of the WPF-book to .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 The WPF-book was written about .NET 3.5. Next year .NET 4.0 will be released. There are many new things introduced in WPF. The DataGrid- and DatePicker-Control, VisualStateManager, Animation Easing Functions, Layout Rounding and so on. I’m working on an update of the book that will be released next year shortly after the German Visual Studio Release.
  • Writing a german book about Silverlight 4 Currently I’m working hard on my book about Silverlight 4. I've already written about 300 pages. The book will be released next year shortly after the Silverlight 4 release. There are no comments on the Silverlight 4 release, but at PDC in mid-November there’s a session about the Silverlight-Roadmap. Then we’ll know more. So stay tuned. Find more about the upcoming Silverlight-Book on the new silverlight-category on my homepage

… what I did the last months:

  • Silverlight-Articles I’ve written six articles about Silverlight for the German dotnet-magazine. Download the articles beside others on www.thomasclaudiushuber.com/articles.php.
  • PrioConference – 28th October, Munich/Germany I had a session about datadriven Silverlight-Applications. Find the Details on the new talks-category on my homepage.
So stay tuned. If you’ve any questions, leave a comment or write me an email via the contact-form on my homepage. Thomas

The Lottery-Console-Application used at the last WPF-Event @ Microsoft Usergroup Switzerland

Last week we had a great WPF-afterwork-event at Microsoft Usergroup Switzerland (MSUGS) sponsored by Trivadis. I gave a deep-dive session about developing custom controls using WPF with many of it's features like Dependency Properties, Commands, Routed Events, PART-Elements, Theme-Styles and so on. (more…)

WPF-book is now available in stores, maybe you win a free one @MSUGS

Since last week my German WPF-book is available in stores. You find more details about the book and some snippets of chapter 1 and chapter 14 on Galileo Computing. You can order the book on the Galileo Comuting-Website or on amazon.de and other stores. For any questions about the book, write a comment to this post or use the contact-form of my homepage. If you've already got the book, I'm looking forward to your feedback. What's going on next: Free MSUGS-Event about developing Custom Controls with the chance to win a WPF-book: On Wednesday, 20th August, you can visit a free event in cooperation with the Microsoft User Group Switzerland (MSUGS) about developing Custom Controls with WPF. The event will be in Zurich @Trivadis (Europastrasse 5). You find more details about the event here. At the end of this event, you can win one WPF-Book for free. WPF-Course @Trivadis: If you want to know more things about WPF-Programming, take a look at the 3-day WPF-course at Trivadis, which you find here. If you take this course, you'll get a WPF-book, the Trivadis course-material, and everything you need to become a rich & famous WPF-Programmer. ;-) DataAccess in the time of LINQ: Christoph Pletz and I are working on a TechnoCircle - a one day event you can visit in the second half of this year @Trivadis - about DataAccess in the time of LINQ. This TechnoCircle does not only show you how LINQ works, it shows how to implement a Data Access Layer in the time of LINQ in a Three-Layer-Architecture. It also discusses the usage of LINQ to SQL vs. Entity Framework vs. DataSets etc. As soon as you can register for the TechnoCircle, you'll find more infos on the Trivadis-website and of course here on my blog...

Print of WPF-book will start next week

As I promised in my last post, here are some infos about my nearly finished book project: Last weekend I made checks on the first galley proof of my german WPF-book. Yesterday I got the second galley proof, the corrected one. The second galley proof I've checked yesterday evening and today. The book will have about 1125 pages filled up with pure Windows Presentation Foundation and will be printed at the end of next week. Last week I saw that the book is already listed under the WPF-books on WindowsClient.NET. Who ever linked it up, thanks a lot for doing so:
> http://windowsclient.net/community/books.aspx
As the corrections are made and the book will be printed next week, the upcoming weekend will be the first totally free weekend for me since one year. Two weeks ago I got a red card in a soccer match, so I'm not allowed to play the last game. So next weekend is really totally free, no soccer game and no book-writing. :-) So what should I do this upcoming weekend? I could start writing another WPF- or Silverlight-article. But no, on that first free weekend for such a long time I won't do that. I tell you what I'm going to do, if the weather won't be totally bad: About one month ago I bought a new bike (on the picture below), so I'll test it on a tour with my family next weekend. There are several mountains and single trails directly around our home, where you can jump and ride with a lot of fun. As I know there are also many bikers at Trivadis (the company I'm working for), maybe I'll meet some of them in a race down the hills through the great black forest bikingThomas