Beyondtellerrand Mobile – 7th February Cologne (GER)

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On February the 7th there’s a fantastic conference in cologne about mobile devices and mobile applications., the Beyondtellerrand mobile. Beyond Tellerrand is a mixture of English and German. “Tellerand” means the edge of a plate. Don’t just look at the mobile devices and applications with the blinders like a horse, look over the edge of the plate and get new ideas, check out the new possibilities and jump on the train of the mobile world.

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I’ll give a talk at the beyondtellerrand-conference about creating Services for mobile devices based on OData and the Cloud. Connect to them via Windows Phone 7 or Android or any other plattform. There are great and famous speakers there, and I’m very pleased to give a talk beside those big players. Find some of them below:

Laurent Bugnion – Director of UX Integration Development for IdentityMine and “the” MVVM-Expert, Author of the “english” Silverlight 4 Book.

Jens Franke – freelance Senior Interactive developer building web-, mobile-, dekstop-apps and author.

Saban Unlü – CEO of and developer/consultant. Author of numerous books about Flash.

So go and grab your ticket now. I’m looking forward to meet you there.


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