When the 8GB micro SD card just comes up with a small size: In my case with 63.7 MB

Today I wanted to put some music for my kids on a micro SD card. I hadn’t a free one, so I took one out of my Raspberry PIs 3 that are running Windows IoT.

After I put the card into my computer I noticed that it had a size of just 63.7 MB. But the sticker on the card said 8GB. So what was the problem here? I thought

Sure, there must be a partition of that size of 63.7 MB. And that partition has been used for Windows IoT

I formatted the SD card with Windows, but this did not change the size. So finally I ended up using the diskpart-utility.

If you’re running Windows, just open up a new command prompt and type in “diskpart”.

This opens up a new window with the diskpart command line utility. Here’s what I did to get the full size of the SD-card back again:


First I listed the disks. There you see the 7580MB sized disk, which has 214MB free. That is my sd card. I selected that disk with “select disk 1”. Then I just called “clean”. When the disks are listed again after that “clean”-call, you can see that the sd card has now 7579MB free. Now all I needed to do was to create a new primary partition, and then the full storage of my sd card was again available.

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