Cheating customers: The Amazon story with my wife’s Microsoft Band 2

Oh dear, I could tell you stories about cheating customers, because I received broken TVs, e-guitars, mainboards and so on that I ordered as new things online. Here’s the latest story:

I love my Microsoft Band 2. I wear it everyday and I think it’s an awesome device. Last week I ordered a second one for my wife as a birthday gift. As the Band 2 is not available in Germany, I ordered it from I need to mention I ordered a NEW device, not a used one. I ordered a new one, did I say this already? ;-)
Today it arrived. I opened the amazon box, and inside was the package with the Band 2. The first thing I wondered about: The band package was not closed, it was open. I took this photo below. I hadn’t opened the package at that moment. This is exactly how I got it. Look at the transparent stickers. Looks like someone had opened it and hadn’t closed it correctly:

How the package arrived

But when I opened the package, I looked for fingerprints etc. I saw a few, but it was ok. But when I took the band out of its mount box, I was really shocked and frustrated. It looked like this:

How the band looked like

Why are people doing things like this? It is sooo annoying. If you broke your device, take the responsibility and get a new one. And if you can’t afford it, then wait until you can. So let me just quote my dad:

There are several ways to cheat in your life. Cheating might bring you more money, but not more friends. Now think a minute, what matters more in life!

Whatever. I sent it back – I needed to pay the fee – and I ordered another one. I’m sure Amazon wouldn’t make a problem here. That’s what I love Amazon for. Let’s see if the second one is ok and not broken by a selfish person.

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  • moonoo Reply

    Uh, can’t believe that sort of defect could happen with amazon orders… and good luck with the new one.
    btw Cheers from Mongolia. I love your MVVM-Adavnced model treatment training on pluralsight.

    September 12, 2016 at 9:01 am
    • Thomas Claudius Huber Reply

      Hey Moonoo, I also couldn’t believe this happens with amazon orders. Hey, thanks a lot, great to hear you like the Advanced Model Treatment course.

      September 12, 2016 at 9:12 am

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