Wow, Microsoft acquired Xamarin!


To develop mobile applications today you have many options:

  • you can do it native in Swift/Objective C for iOS, in Java for Android or in C# for Windows Mobile
  • you can build a web-app with popular JavaScript-Frameworks like Angular and use Apache Cordova to deploy it to your devices
  • you can build it native in C# by using Xamarin

With the Xamarin-approach you can share your C# libraries between iOS, Android and C#. You can even build the User Interface just once with Xamarin Forms. And the great thing is what you finally get: A full native app for the corresponding platform.

Already last year at Microsoft’s Build conference I and many others expected that Microsoft might announce that they acquired Xamarin. But it didn’t happen. But today, Microsoft let cat out of the bag.

Microsoft acquired Xamarin

That’s great news for us developers. Think about the awesome integration we will have in Visual Studio to build mobile apps for all platforms. And I’m sure that the toolset – which is already today really awesome – will be enhanced and integrated very well. Read more details about the acquisition on Scott Gu’s blog:

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