Windows Store is now open for all developers in 120 countries

Microsoft’s new marketplace for Windows-Apps – called the Windows Store – is open for all developers since yesterday. Before only a limited amount of developers and companies have been able to register for app submission. Now every individual can register to the Windows Store and submit Windows Store-apps.

Read more on the Windows Store for developers-blog

In the blog-post on the Windows Store for developers-blog Microsoft also announced that certain Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) subscribers will get a free one-year developer-account for the Windows Store. If you don’t have a MSDN-subscription, you’ve to pay a small fee.

To create your developer-account and submit your Windows Store-apps to the Windows Store, go to the windows-developer-portal on In the developer-portal click on “Windows Store-apps” like shown in the screenshot below:

By clicking the link you navigate to the portal for Windows Store-apps, also directly accessible via In that portal just click on “Dashboard”:

After the click on “Dashboard” you are prompted to sign in with your live-id. With a wizard-like approach you can create your developer-account there and manage your Windows Store-apps.

Have fun. :)

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