Silverlight 4 Release Candidate is here

The Mix has started some hours ago, and here it is, the Silverlight 4 Release Candidate. Now you can move your development-environment from Visual Studio 2010 Beta to RC. There are also updates to WCF RIA Services, a WCF RIA Services Toolkit etc. Find everything you need here:

There’s also a fantastic post from Tim Heuer about the changes in the Silverlight RC here:

Another great thing is that Silverlight 4 is THE technology for Windows Phone 7. So I think I’ve to sell my iPhone and buy me a new Mobile with Windows Phone 7 on it. If you want to start developing Mobile-apps with Silverlight, also go to Tim Heuers blog:

So have fun with the new release. I’ll go downstairs in my dark room now and finish up my Silverlight 4.0 book. It’ll take a while. For now I can say if you like my WPF-book, you’ll love that Silverlight book for sure. :)