From Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate back to Beta 2

If you’ve played around with Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate (RC), you sure have noticed that it’s pretty fast. E.g. the WPF- and Silverlight-Designers come up quickly and much faster that in Visual Studio 2008. But for now there are some reasons to wait before installing Visual Studio 2010 RC:
  • Silverlight 4 Beta is not supported. Silverlight 4 will be supported with the next public drop of Silverlight 4, what means when the Silverlight 4 RC is available. A date for that hasn’t been specified yet by Microsoft.
  • The available Preview Version for .NET 4.0 of Expression Blend doesn’t work with Visual Studio 2010 RC. It only works with Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010. A new version will be available soon as the Expression Website says, but no one knows what "soon" means.
The second point I just noticed now. And so I decided to go back to Beta 2 cause I’ve a session about Model-View-ViewModel this week at BASTA! Spring in Darmstadt. To go back to Beta 2, make sure you uninstall everything of the Release Candidate. After I’ve uninstalled Visual Studio 2010 RC, I had additionally to remove .NET Framework 4.0 from Programs in Control Panel. Tip: Order the installed programs by date, then you see what you’ve to uninstall pretty good. After I’ve installed the Beta 2 again, everything worked fine. But I got an error when compiling my WPF-project telling me the following: "GenerateResource" task failed unexpectedly. System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'FileTracker.dll' …” After some search I found a connect-entry on with the solution. My folder "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework” contained a “v4.0” directory additionally to the "v4.0.21006" directory installed with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. After deleting the additional folder that has a higher number than v4.0.21006 (it’s the RC ;-)), the Beta 2 works fine again and I can compile everything as expected. Find the connect-entry that pointed me to the solution here:

Be careful with Default-Values of Dependency-Properties if you’re using Reference-Types.

I’ve justed finished a small PieMenu for a WPF-Application for one of our customers in switzerland. The PieMenu is displayed below with a black-red-style. The Style, colors and items can be changed individually. The colors and icons etc. in the PieMenu below are just the ones I’ve created for testing purposes.


Visual Studio 2010 RC and Silverlight 4 Beta

Yesterday Visual Studio 2010 RC was released to MSDN Subscribers (find the link here), tomorrow it’s available for download for everyone. The performance is great as far as I can say by using it for at least one day. But it lacks on support for Silverlight 4 Beta. If you’re developing Silverlight 4 applications, it is recommended that you stay on Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 until new bits of Silverlight come out. “New bits of Silverlight” means a Silverlight Release Candidate. It is expected also for this month. Wow, how the time is ticking away. I just thought it has been some days ago since I read Dr. Tim Sneaths post about the Silverlight 1.0 RC, and now we’ll have the 4.0 Release Candidate soon. The more I work with Silverlight 4.0, the more I love this Plugin. While I missed some things like e.g. implicit Styles and basedOn Styles in version 2.0, version 4.0 now contains both of them. Also printing is supported, WebCam- and Microphone-Access, Com-Interop for Out-Of-Browser apps etc. And the most important aspects for Business-Apps, Data-Access, Validation etc. are easy to do. With WCF RIA Services (formerly .NET RIA Services) you’ve a great framework for building Business apps. Also I’ve to say that I’m a total fan of the REST-based WCF Data Services (formerly ADO.NET Data Services), which are now also included in Sharepoint 2010. Silverlight contains a small Client API for accessing those services and make the classical CRUD-operations. Silverlight 4.0 contains many great features to build really powerful apps. But not yet with Visual Studio 2010 RC. As soon as the new Silverlight-bits will be available, you’ll read it here.

Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate (RC) available next week

The launch date for Visual Studio 2010 RTM is the 12th of April. This month there’ll be a Release Candidate (RC) and Scott Guthrie mentioned on his blog in a post about ASP.NET MVC 2 RC that it will be available soon. Now everybody speculates about the date and what “soon” means. Days or weeks? The Blog about the Visual Studio quality tools contains the answer. Visual Studio 2010 RC will be released in the week of 8th February. Find the post with that information here: