How to print dynamically created Images in Silverlight 4 Beta

Silverlight 4 supports printing scenarios. It’s quite easy. Just create a PrintDocument instance, handle the PrintPage-Event and call the Print-Method. In the PrintPage-Event set the PageVisual-Property of the PrintPageEventArgs to a UIElement of your choice. (more…)


WPF Printing: How to print a PageRange with WPF’s PrintDialog – that means the user can select specific pages and only these pages are printed

Printing a Page Range isn’t as easy as it supposed to be. So in this blog-post you’ll see a very easy method to print specific pages from a XPS-Document. But before we look at the solution, let’s start with the problem.



Silverlight 4 – the first Beta is here

… my expectations about a Major 4.0 release next year may come true: Silverlight 4.0, WPF 4.0, .NET 4.0, Expression Blend 4.0 etc.

Today Microsoft announced Silverlight 4.0 Beta 1 available for download. There are impressing features for business applications like print support, clipboard, Drag’n’Drop or local fileaccess through full trusted Silverlight-Applications. I’m glad the Galileo-Computing team and I decided to publish my upcoming Silverlight-book to version 4.0. More infos about the book soon here:

Find all interesting links about the Beta 1 of Silverlight 4.0 on the site below: