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Thanks to all who visited my Session about building datadriven Business-Applications with Silverlight 3 yesterday at the PrioConference in Munich. I hope you enjoyed it. You can download the Slides here. To get the Live-Demos, please contact me directly via the contact-Form of my homepage and I’ll send them to you.

Yesterday in the evening there was a coding-dojo about the KataPotter-Problem. If you attended the next lines of this post may be interesting for you. With the knowledge of the 2,2,2,1,1-Problem I solved the problem from “zero to hero” today while sitting in the train from Munich to Basel in about 45 Minutes. Really 45 Minutes, even a bit less. The idea to solve the problem has already been in my mind yesterday. Because of that  I couldn’t hardly believe Ralf “Dr. Clean Code” Westphal when he and his colleague Stefan said it would need 4 hours to implement the algorithm. Maybe four hours for santaclaus, but not for me. ;-) I think they exaggerated a little bit with the four hours, because it was already half past ten and everybody was thirsty…

Download my 45-Minutes-not-Refactored-Algorithm (sorry for the method with more than ten lines ;-)) here. What about your algorithms? How did you solve the problem? Are there more tests for my Application that won’t work like the customer would expect? Any comments and hints are welcome.

So, finally, another PrioConference is over. I enjoyed it, it was a really great event. Thanks to Dagmar, Ralph, Tilman, dotnetpro & Co. and all people behind the scences for the great organization and professionality.

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