First video to Silverlight 3 appeared on Channel 9

On Channel 9 Brad Adams and Robert Hess are talking about the third Version of Silverlight. In more detail they are talking about “Silverlight 3.0 for Great Business Apps”.

So as the title let’s except, there are features in the next Silverlight version that make it easier to build business applications. There are different things mentioned in the video, but “the super secret stuff” will be told at MIX09 in Las Vegas next week (starting at the 18th of March). So the most interessting points from the video are:

  • New set of controls (“tons of new controls”)
  • Support for Back/Forward-Buttons of the Browser
  • Validation support

There is nothing said about commands (even if some logic for commands can be used from Prism2), nothing about Triggers, nothing about CollectionViews etc. All these points would be great for Business Applications that target the Model-View-ViewModel-Pattern.

So let’s wait what the MIX09-conference will bring. Today there is neither a Beta nor a Customer-Technology-Preview of Silverlight 3, but community voices expect a Beta or CTP to be released after MIX09 this month. I’m looking forward to grab it.

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