The PrintForm-Component in the Visual Basic Powerpack for Windows Forms

Did you ever wanted to print a Form without calling any native code? Well, with Windows Forms and Visual Studio 2008 this is a really simple exercise. When you design your WinForms-Application you’ll find a Tab Visual Basic PowerPacks in the Toolbox of Visual Studio 2008. (more…)


VisualStateManager in Silverlight

Last year I’ve written a german article for the dotnet-magazine about VisualStateManager in Silverlight. As this feature will also be part of WPF 4.0, take a look at the article, which is now available on my homepage. The article is also available on the homepage of Trivadis beside many other articles focused on other IT-Topics.

So read and enjoy. :-)


The promised code example with the ASP.NET Ajax Multicolumn-Dropdown

During the last months I was asked many times for the code of the Multcolumn-Dropdown that I’ve described in this post. I’ve just created a very small sample-application containing such a dropdown. You can download it here.

If someone of you creates a control out of that source, I would be glad to get a link to it. :-)