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UIAutomation to open ComboBox from Code

In WPF there’s an Automation Framework called UIAutomation. This Framework can be used to control UIElements from code. This can be useful for different scenarios:

  • Provide the user additional help
  • Control a programm by another programm
  • Test applications
  • Execute a user-action from code

The Automation Frameowork isn’t limited to WPF. You can also control Win32-Applications.

In WPF for every FrameworkElement you find a class named like [TheElementsName]AutomationPeer. E.g. for the Button-class there’s a ButtonAutomationPeer-class, for ComboBox there’s a ComboBoxAutomationPeer-class…

Such AutomationPeer-Classes support different Patterns. E.g. the ComboBoxAutomationPeer-class supports the ExpandCollapse-Pattern to expand and collapse the ComboBox. You do this with the following snippet:

There’s much more you can do with UIAutomation, which is part of my German WPF-book (Chapter 19).