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Got the MCTS: .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Presentation Foundation

Last Thursday I took the exam for the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Presentation Foundation. The exam is brand new and covers a wide spectrum of WPF.

Im not sure, if asking Multiple-choice-questions is a good thing for testing the knowledge of programmers, but hey, the exam was a good test for my German WPF-book. (I didn’t have the book with me, but it’s still in my head. Like a branding :-)).

After every question I read, I thought, if the answer of the question can be found in my book. And I’m really glad to say that, with some exceptions to specific deployment questions, everything can be found in my book. So if you know all contents and details of my book well, you won’t have any problems to pass this exam. So with the book still in my head I did it and earned my fourth MCTS:


By the way, I’ve finished the manuscript for my wpf book in time. Since end of April the correctors give their best and I’m sure the book will be in stores in June 2008, according to plan. Find more infos about the book-process during the next weeks on this blog.