About me

Hi, my name is Thomas C. Huber, and I’m a .NET consultant, developer, trainer and Microsoft MVP (Client Development) from Germany, working for an IT company located in switzerland, germany and austria, named Trivadis.

When I studied informatics up to 2004, I programmed User Interfaces in Java based on AWT and Swing… till the day my old company made a strategic decision for .NET. Then I started with .NET building WinForms apps. Beside .NET I’m interessted in Java, Oracle and PL-SQL, XSLT, PHP… So I’m not a guy only swimming in the water of .NET, I also like it to “deep-dive” into other technologies.

In my job at Trivadis I’m developing .NET Applications written in C# and VB.NET and teach developers on WPF, Silverlight, WinRT and Entity Framework. My “special category” is developing GUIs with the Windows Presentation Foundation and with the new WinRT introduced in Windows 8. I’ve written many articles about WPF and Silverlight for the German speaking dot.NET magazine, which was renamed to Windows Developer with the announcement of Windows 8. I’ve also written some books in German:

  • a “over 1000 pages” WPF-Book. It’s available in its third edition for .NET 4.5 and VS 2012. Find more infos about the book on the wpf-booksite.
  • a book about Silverlight 4.0, which has also more than 1000 pages, more infos on the silverlight-booksite.
  • a book about developing Windows Store apps with XAML and C#, also more than 1000 pages. Find out more on the windows store apps-booksite.

I try to spend as much time as possible with my family, my kids and my friends. I also play soccer and guitar and ride through the streets in Germanys black forest on a darkstyle motorcycle called night train.

Find some more informations about me on my homepage