Take Snapshots PART II – Save as animated GIF

Take Snapshots PART II – Save as animated GIF

I was asked, if it would be possible to save the snapshots created in my last post as an animated gif. With a DispatcherTimer and the GifBitmapEncoder-class you’re not far away from it. Just create a MediaElement in your Window:

In the Codebehind-File, implement Eventhandlers for MediaOpened and MediaEnded-Events. In MediaOpened you start the DispatcherTimer. I’ve just used an interval of 100 milliseconds. In the Tick-Eventhandler, which is called each 100 milliseconds, a BitmapFrame is added to the GifBitmapEncoders Frames-Property. When the video ends, the MediaEnded-Eventhandler writes the GIF to your disk and opens the file. That’s it. :-)

Here’s the gif saved from my video. Just click on it to see it animated:


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