How Do You Create Files Without File Extensions like .gitconfig in Windows Explorer?

Today I worked with a friend on a small project and he wanted to add a .gitconfig-file. He created a new “New Text Document.txt”-file in Windows Explorer and just renamed it to .gitconfig. But Windows Explorer didn’t accept this:


Now what can you do? My friend fired up a console window and he entered this command:

This command worked and he got the file he wanted. But isn’t this a bit cumbersome? Yes, it is. Because instead of firing up a command window, Windows Explorer allows you to create a file like .gitconfig in a much simpler way.

If you want to have a file like
all you have to do is to create a file
in Windows Explorer. Note the dot at the end of the filename. If you have just a dot at the end, Windows Explorer won’t complain about a missing file extension. And in addition, it will remove that dot at the end when it has accepted the file name. That means a filename “.gitconfig.” will create the file “.gitconfig”.

Try it! It’s pretty cool, pretty simple and straight forward. Happy coding! :)

Hey, I’m the first time in Seattle, what are your recommendations?

When I travelled to Seattle for my very first MVP Summit in 2013, I planned an extra day to visit the city. Awesome Kirupa Chinnathambi from Microsoft gave me some great tips. Here just a quick write up what Kirupa told me:

  • Columbia Tower (much better than the Space Needle…though less bragging
    rights! :P)
  • Serious Pie (great pizza)
  • Din Tai Fung (if you like Taiwanese soup dumplings, highly recommend this place. It’s in Bellevue as well as Seattle/University Village)
  • Gasworks Park
  • Underground Tour
  • Boeing Factory Tour (Everett, WA – totally go here. This is like the best thing ever btw!)
  • Boeing Future of Flight (South Seattle)
  • My favorite sushi places: Umi Sake House and Momiji
  • Pike Place Chowder (the Salmon chowder is really good)
  • International District (Great east Asian food. The French Toast at Purple Dot Café is a great dish!)

Kirupa said: “I spend a LOT of time eating, standing around, and staring. My
recommendations largely reflect that”. :-)

I did a lot of Kirupa’s suggestions, Underground Tour, Columbia Tower, Serious Pie (the pizza is really great) and more.

If you’ve more recommendations to share, just add it to the comments and I’ll update this post.

Enjoy the MVP Summit and don’t forget, everything is under NDA!

BASTA! 2016: Sessions and Slides

Thanks to all of you who attended one or more of my three sessions at the BASTA! Conference about

  • Integrating Office 365 Data into your app by using Microsoft Graph
  • Building Apps with the Universal Windows Platform
  • Input Validation in WPF with INotifyDataErrorInfo and DataAnnotations

Slides and demos are linked to the talks on

It was another fantastic BASTA! conference: Great people, great sessions, well organized and a lot of fun. Looking forward to see you at the next BASTA!

UWP: The Master-Detail-Problem with the events SelectionChanged & LostFocus and How to Fix it

While creating apps with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) I noticed a weird behavior, but I’m not sure if it’s a bug. Let’s just call it the “Master-Detail-Problem”.

To explain it, I stripped  down my code to the XAML-snippet below. No code-behind needed. (more…)